Colour Gabby

colouring-page-GabbyPrint out some great Gabby colouring pages (by Jan Dolby) and bring them to the cottage or send them with your child to camp.

Just make sure to pack a lot of orange crayons!

To download free Gabby colouring pages, click here.
(Note: They work best if you print them in Landscape format.)

Best of all, you can email a picture of your child’s completed drawing (joycehgrant at gmail dot com) and I’ll include it in Gabby’s online kds’ art gallery.

Gabby Book Launch A Success

Gabby launch, ITA Cafe

There was a terrific crowd at the launch for Gabby on Jan. 27

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the launch party for Gabby on Jan. 27.

It was held at the ITA Cafe on Bloor St., a perfect venue because the cafe funds free literacy activities for kids.

Jan Dolby and I did a reading (with the help of my son, who posted the fabric letters). The kids who attended made plasticine and crayon Gabbies, which were fantastic. We’ll post pictures in our Kids’ Art Gallery soon.

The piece de resistance was a cake made by my editor, Christie Harkin, with gorgeous

Cake for the launch of Gabby - topper by Suzanne del Rizzo
Cake for the launch of Gabby – topper by Suzanne del Rizzo

Gabby cake toppers by dimensional media artist Suzanne del Rizzo. And the cake was delicious, too!

Thanks to everyone who attended the launch!

PS: Here’s a terrific article about the launch and ITA, written by book reviewer Kerry Clare.

Plasticine Gabby by Suzanne Del Rizzo

Check out this beautiful rendering of Gabby in plasticine, by Canadian artist Suzanne Del Rizzo. Awesome! Her five-year-old daughter also did a beautiful dimensional illustration which is also in our Kids’ Gallery. Send your drawings to include in our gallery to

To see more of Suzanne’s work take a look through her website.

By artist Suzanne Del Rizzo

By artist Suzanne Del Rizzo

Gabby as “Little Frog” for Hallowe’en

Here is Gabby’s other option for Hallowe’en — she’s dressed as her friend, Little Frog. (It’s from the book, which you’ll see in January.) There’s a little picture of Little Frog on every page doing something special. That Jan Dolby – so fun!

Gabby as Little Frog for Hallowe'en; by Jan Dolby

Illustration by Jan Dolby.