Coach Coop in real life!

The other day, I bumped into the real-life Coach Coop at a baseball game at Bond Park in North York, Ontario.

My son is one of 10 young baseball players that Coop (and several other North York coaches) have coached over the years. A bunch of those kids happened to be playing, so he came by to see how his young proteges were faring.

As you’ll know if you’ve read Tagged Out, the real-life Coop let me use his name for the Coach of the fictional Toronto Blues. “Coop” will also feature in the upcoming Home Team (to be published in 2018).

In Tagged Out, I gave Coop a faux hawk but I think the real-life Coop was none-too-pleased about that. For Home Team, I’m thinking I’ll let him keep the beard. What do you think?

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A high-five from (the real) Coach Coop!

9TH_Drew_Storen_and_Wilson_Ramos high five copyright freeIf you’ve read Tagged Out, you know that the coach of the (fictional) Toronto Blues baseball team is Coach Coop.

But you may not know that he’s a real person. Or at least, that I borrowed the name of a real “Coach Coop” for the book.

Coach Matthew (“Coop”) Cooper has read—and enjoyed—Tagged Out and he had this to say about it:

“I’m proud to have the same name as one of the greatest coaches in history—Coach Coop!”  

-Matthew (Coop) Cooper, baseball coach

Thanks, coach!

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