Great review of Tagged Out on 49th Shelf

With strong characters and lots of action, the deeper themes of Tagged Out ensure that even readers who aren’t familiar with baseball, or don’t consider themselves sports fans, will find many things to think about.

Thank you, 49th Shelf, for including Tagged Out in your wonderful list of summer reads!

And thanks to The National Reading Campaign’s Roseanne Gauthier for such a wonderful review. She really “gets” what I was trying to do with Tagged Out — it’s a really well written summary of the book and discussion of what else is going on in there. So great.

Here’s the National Reading Campaign’s review of Tagged Out.

And here’s the 49th Shelf list.

Capture 49th shelf August 2016 Tagged Out radar compilation by Kerry Clare



If you don’t know 49th Shelf, you should check it out — I refer to it as kind of a “Canadian Goodreads,” (which I, in turn, call “Facebook for books”).


49th Shelf’s “Most Anticipated” list (yay!)

Are you familiar with the Canadian readers’ website 49th Shelf? If not, head over there and register because it’s a smart, thoughtful portal for great books.

And with that in mind, ahem, it is with absolutely no modesty whatsoever that we point out that once again, they’ve shown excellent taste… and added Gabby: Wonder Girl to their “Most Anticipated Books” list for Fall 2015.

Well, 49th Shelf, all we can say is thank-you, and…




Three things you can do to get your kid reading

49th shelf logoIf you’re not familiar with 49th Shelf, get yerself on over there and check it out. It’s a terrific website that promotes Canadian literature.

They were kind enough to let me publish a guest post this week. Please take a look at my article, which talks about three things – just three – you can do to help instill a love of reading in your child.

Here’s the article on 49th Shelf.