Resource Links calls Tagged Out “another home run for Lorimer!”

This is the first review of Tagged Out, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I was encouraged and delighted by this positive, thorough and well-written review from Resource Links magazine. In my opinion, Patricia Jermey very accurately captures what I was trying to do with Tagged Out, and the motivation of the characters. Not only is it a wonderful review, but it’s a really great synopsis of the book. Thank you, Resource Links!

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GRANT, Joyce Tagged Out (Sports Stories) James Lorimer & Co., 2016. 121p. Gr. 4-8. 978-1-4594-1075-6. Pbk. $9.95

Nash Calvecchio is not the usual teen protagonist: he is not the smartest, or the most popular, or the most talented athlete. His hard-edged persona has been formed in reaction to the very critical grandfather who has raised him. Baseball and his teammates are the most important things in his life.

When a new kid, Jock, joins the team, he threatens Nash in three ways: he is a better fielder than Nash, he quickly becomes friends with the other players, and he is openly gay. When he goes out of his way to give Nash baseball advice, Nash at first reacts badly. But after he realizes Jock really means to help, Nash works with him for extra practice.

When three bullies from an opposing team corner them late at night, Nash realizes he has to stick up for his friend. Once again, Lorimer Sports Series uses a popular team sport as a vehicle for effective social commentary. Jock is comfortable in his sexuality, although he confesses to Nash that he has never been sexually active.

This is a challenging topic for the target audience, age 10 to 13. Another home run for Lorimer Sports!

Thematic Links: LGBTQ Teens; Baseball; Teamwork; Friendship

-By Patricia Jermey

Principal buying a class set of Tagged Out

Thank you, Thumbs Up Tagged Out GoodreadsPatricia Turner, for this wonderful review of Tagged Out on Goodreads.

Tagged Out was an interesting read that will appeal to its desired audience. The story captivated me and pulled me into the story of Nash, Jock, and the entire Toronto Blues team. The characters were endearing and believable in their struggles to come to terms with their feelings about themselves and others. For those readers interested in baseball, it would be a must read. However, the themes and the characters delve much deeper and appeal to a wider audience. Helping to teach compassion and acceptance in our schools and in our society is sometimes an overwhelming job but this book is one more tool to help do so. As a teacher and an administrator, this book has a place in the classroom and would be a useful resources for building literacy in the classroom. I am going to buy a class set for our school!

Thanks! You can also download the free, 48-page Teacher’s Guide here for Tagged Out. It includes discussion and writing prompts, as well as vocabulary and grammar points for every chapter. And it’s free!

Pitching Coach Ryan “Army” Armstrong recommends Tagged Out

Ryan "Army" Armstrong

Ryan “Army” Armstrong

“Kids will enjoy this fun read, packed with baseball action. And hey, if this team ever needs a pitching coach (and it definitely does!) I’d be happy to step in.”

-Ryan (Army) Armstrong, Silver Medallist, 2001 Canada Summer Games and Head Pitching Instructor, The Baseball Zone, Mississauga, ON.

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