Sliding Home on April 1

Picture of a Diet Coke bottle with the words Sliding Home on it. Sliding Home is the name of my next novel!

My publisher (Lorimer) tells me that Sliding Home will debut on April 1, 2018!

I’ll have some copies in January, in time for the OLA SuperConference and Reading for the Love of It (both of which I’ll be at, by the way).

But its official book birthday is April 1. (Yes, I know what day that is, lol.)

Sliding Home is the sequel to Tagged Out. It features the same young baseball team, The Blues, whose home field is in Christie Pits in Toronto. But this time, it’s focussed on Sebastian, the affable catcher and Miguel, the intense and hard-working first baseman.

I’ll have more details about Sliding Home soon, so stay tuned!

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Wed., March 8, 2017: E.I. McCulley, St. Catharines

EI McCulley school St. CatharinesI’m looking forward to my visit to E. I. McCulley P.S. in St. Catharines!
We’ll be talking about:

  • Letters and words
  • Writing
  • The news
  • Critical thinking
  • Literacy

I look forward to meeting the students, teachers — and the parents! — on March 8.

Goooooooo Jaguars!

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Out at Home


Christie Pits Panorama Bigger

The title of my baseball book may be “Out at Home.”

It still has to pass muster with Lorimer’s marketing and publishing experts, but Out at Home seems to be the leading contender. I like it–it not only harkens to the book’s gay theme but it is also (slight spoiler alert) descriptive of one of the major chapters.

Out at Home.

I love it.

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