Avery likes Gabby (and it’s mutual!)

Three-year-old Avery reading Gabby.

Avery is finding out that C-A-T … is a cat! Love it!

Three-year-old Avery has great taste in literature, if I do say so myself.

Look at the blur of the page … her obvious joy in reading … all of it, so lovely.

Way to go, Avery!

Thank you, CD, for sending us this picture.

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Hot off the press! Gabby: Wonder Girl

GWG first copy from FBThank you to Winston Stilwell, wonderful and brilliant publicist at Fitzhenry & Whiteside Publishing, for this great picture of the first advance copy of Gabby: Wonder Girl. Jan Dolby and I are thrilled that it’s going to be a reality soon, and we can’t wait to see it “in person”!


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