Trick-or-Treat colouring page

Here’s a great Gabby Hallowe’en colouring page by illustrator Jan Dolby.

  1. Click on the image, below.
  2. Download it (free, of course).
  3. Print it — landscape format works best.


(For adorable colour posters of Gabby and Roy dressed up for Hallowe’en, click here.)

HOLIDAY Halloween Gabby colouring page 2015 (1)

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Trick-or-Treat Gabby

Are you looking for some great Hallowe’en posters?

Look no further! Illustrator Jan Dolby has you covered with these adorable Gabby costumes. Definitely a treat.

Click here for free, printable versions.

HOLIDAY collage Halloween

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Gabby as “Little Frog” for Hallowe’en

Here is Gabby’s other option for Hallowe’en — she’s dressed as her friend, Little Frog. (It’s from the book, which you’ll see in January.) There’s a little picture of Little Frog on every page doing something special. That Jan Dolby – so fun!

Gabby as Little Frog for Hallowe'en; by Jan Dolby

Illustration by Jan Dolby.


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Super-illustrator Jan Dolby drew this image of Gabby in one of her two Hallowe’en costumes (she hasn’t decided which one she’s wearing yet). Stay tuned for the other one, which we’ll reveal later.

Superhero Gabby by Jan Dolby

By illustrator Jan Dolby.

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