Tagged Out on Glad Day’s Top 20 list

I’m extagged-out-15-on-glad-day-best-seller-list-2016cited and thrilled that Tagged Out is the #15 book at Glad Day Bookshop in Toronto.

Glad Day is an incredible bookstore–the world’s oldest LGBTQ bookstore, in fact–and the staff are smart and knowledgeable. I’m super-proud and pleased that Tagged Out is on their best-sellers list, in very good company.

Co-owner Scott was a beta-reader for Tagged Out, so how’s that for a bookstore that cares about and supports authors? Amazing.


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Tagged Out is out — in bookstores!

ThanTagged Out at Chapters in Mississauga by Andrak you to my friend Andra for this great shot of Tagged Out in a Chapters in Mississauga.

You can order it online, stop me on the street and buy one, or get one in person from Chapters/Indigo or an independent bookstore like Book City or Glad Day Bookshop.


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